What are
Human Rights?

Human rights are a set of minimum standards for all people.

This idea came out of the horrors of World War II when the world came together and set some rules for governments about how people should be treated.

Human rights are the basic freedoms and protections that every person has simply because they are human.

Human rights make sure people are:

Treated with

Treated with


Listened to and
have a say over
their lives

Human rights make sure that you are involved in the decisions that are made about your care and treatment.

Human rights are not gifts from the government or rewards that you earn.

They are basic rights everyone can expect.

Who has Human Rights?

Everyone has human rights. They are ‘universal’ which means they belong to everyone – no matter who you are.

We are all born with human rights and, although they can sometimes be limited or restricted, your rights cannot be taken away from you.

Using my Human Rights

Is my issue about human rights? Use this online tool to help you.

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